French director JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET shunned anxieties over his violent portrayal of World War I in A Very Long Engagement, because he was determined to present a realistic depiction of the conflict.

Jeunet was concerned that his brutal vision might keep viewers away from the romantic drama, so he toned down the horror and bloodshed described in the book upon which the film was based.

However, he wasn't prepared to sacrifice the true, harrowing facts simply to attract more film-goers.

He says, "It was important for me to show the war in a very realistic way. I didn't want to cheat and do something too poetic.

"I knew it was a romantic story for a big audience and if I showed the violence like in the book then nobody could watch it. It would make SAVING PRIVATE RYAN look like BAMBI!."

10/02/2005 21:26