A Tribe Called Quest have reformed after the tragic killing of DJ JAM MASTER JAY inspired them to try and recreate their glory days as a tribute to their hero.

The CAN I KICK IT? hitmakers disbanded in 1998 amidst rumours of internal disputes, and members Q-Tip and PHIFE went on to launch critically acclaimed solo albums.

But the New York rappers have agreed to reunite for a new album, in tribute to late RUN DMC star Jay, who was fatally shot in his Queens recording studio on 30 October (02).

Phife says, "What really brought it to the forefront was the whole Jam Master Jay thing. We just wanted to be Run-DMC.

"Me and Q-Tip grew around the corner from them. Those were our heroes."

Now, their differences appear to be behind them and Phife is positive about the reunion.

He adds, "When I go out all the time, when I am just hanging out at the mall doing my thing everybody is saying, 'You guys gotta do it, you need to come back.' After a while you gotta appreciate the love."

30/05/2003 17:03