Hip-hop pioneers A Tribe Called Quest are planning to stage a surprise reunion tour of the US in the autumn (06). The CAN I KICK IT? icons' DJ, ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD, is amazed by the number of requests he has received from fans to reform the group - and he is happy to take time out from his solo career to oblige. He tells MTV, "We're looking at October, November... Q-Tip is working on his next solo record; PHIFE is doing the same thing. I'm working on my second solo album. "I know people are like, 'Enough with the solos. Can we get a Tribe joint?' For us, that kind of love makes us feel really good. "We never knew that all these years, people would be interested. When we left, we meant it to be. When we disbanded, we never had any intentions of coming back." A Tribe Called Quest split in 1998 following their last American tour. Despite the reunion, Ali Shaheed Muhammad is not promising any new material, fearing a comeback album could tarnish their well-established place at the forefront of hip-hop history. He adds, "As far as doing any albums, there's still a question mark on that. We're not that far along yet. We're going to take these shows and see how it goes."