THE A-Team will be brought back to life in a big screen remake of the cult 80's TV show, with burly muscle-man Mr T on board for a cameo appearance.

The original series' Vietnam veteran characters HANNIBAL SMITH, FACEMAN PECK, HOWLING MAD MURDOCK and BA BARACUS - played by Mr T - will all return to save lives while evading law enforcers employed to catch them after they fled a US military prison.

Mr T is the only member of the 1983 to 1987 cast who has agreed to appear in the upcoming film, but has stipulated he doesn't want to reprise the role that launched him to superstardom.

STEPHEN J CANNELL, who created the original show and is co-producing the new movie, says, "Mr T and I had lunch last week, and I'd really like to have him in the movie, although we haven't begun casting.

"I always think it's nice to see the stars of the old show in cameo roles in the movie."

He adds the movie will be more serious and "less cartoony" than the TV series, more in the style of action classics like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.

12/10/2004 17:31