Dirk Benedict has still got what it takes to impress the ladies, apparently.

The former A-Team star, known as The Face, has been described by Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty in the Celebrity Big Brother house as "very sexy".

She let the confession slip while chatting to Cleo Rocos, who herself gushed that Dirk is "so relaxing, so funny".

But it seems that the 30-year age gap will stand in the way of true love as Shilpa just can't see beyond the grey hairs.

"He's sexy and old," Shilpa explained, to which an incredulous Cleo called her "full-on fussy".

"He makes you laugh, he's gentlemanly. What's missing?" Cleo asked, prompting Shilpa to answer bluntly: "Age."

It looks like her attitude to the oldies may have put the former Kenny Everett's side kick's back up, as stunning redhead Cleo is herself in her forties.

"Maybe he's got a few more years than you, but that doesn't make him old. I know people who are younger than him who are really old," she said.

"Don't judge - you can't be like that. I can't believe how harsh you are."

Oh dear, a spurned Dirk and a miffed Cleo  watch out Shilpa.

10/01/2007 18:02:33