Former THE A-Team heavy MR. T is taking on DRACULA, dinosaurs and assorted monsters in a new comic book series - and it's not an April Fool's Day prank. Mohawk Media publishers have turned the actor - real name Laurence Tureaud - into a comic book superhero after tasting success with a recent limited edition graphic novel, featuring the Rocky III star. The first confirmed title of the new series is Mr. T Versus Dracula. Author Christopher Bunting says, "When I proposed these crossovers, Mohawk Media jumped at the chance and went to great lengths to make them happen. "Who can blame them? Two legends - a living legend and an undead legend - going toe to toe. It doesn't get much more exciting than that!" And Mr. T is thrilled to be part of the new comic book series: "All these suckers with their fancy powers! They need a reality check, and only one guy can do that, and that's me, Mr. T. "There ain't no difference if they're a vampire, a dinosaur, a mutant; if they're doing wrong, then it needs Mr. T to set things straight."