THE A-Team star Mr T is proud of his decision to reject the Hollywood party scene - insisting he has turned down more than 25 invites to Hugh Hefner's famous Playboy mansion.
The 56-year-old actor, real name Lawrence Tureaud, argues he has always preferred to shun the spotlight.
And Tureaud, who played burly B.A. Baracus in the popular 1980s U.S. TV show, insists adult media mogul Hefner has nothing to offer him.
He tells British tabloid the Daily Sport, "I'm not caught up in all that Hollywood stuff. I work in Hollywood, but I'm not a part of Hollywood.
"You know Hugh Hefner, the Playboy guy? He has invited me to the Playboy mansion over 25 times - I never showed up.
"There's nothing Hugh Hefner can do for me. If I went to the Playboy mansion, it would be a plus for Hugh Hefner, but a minus for me."