THE A-Team star Bradley Cooper was in such tip-top shape while he filmed the action movie he decided to tackle Hugh Jackman's 'Grouse Grind' record.
Filming in Vancouver, Canada, the actor viewed the magnificent Grouse Mountain daily and when he heard Jackman had set a celebrity record for scrambling to the top while making X Men Origins: Wolverine he felt he had to have a crack.
Cooper says, "Hugh Jackman did it in 35 minutes... It's two-and-a-half miles at a 45-degree incline... It was pretty crazy... I did it in 28 minutes.
"The first time I did it, it was, like, six in the morning and I had my headphones on; I thought, 'I'm killing this'. All of a sudden... this woman, maybe 53 years old... just flies right past me."
Liam Neeson cheered his castmate on: "His girlfriend told me he went up like a jackrabbit."