A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell was "charmed" by heavy rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie on the set of the Halloween remake, after fearing he'd signed on to work with sick killer Charles Manson. The British actor had very little idea who Zombie was when they first met in a Los Angeles restaurant to discuss the horror film - and thought he'd made a terrible mistake when he spotted the director. MCDowell recalls, "I met him at Mr. Chows. I walked into the restaurant and looked around and there was Charles Manson and I just knew where I had to go. "I knew that he was a rock 'n' roll singer and knew some of his music, although I couldn't hum a song. I kind of knew who he was but I hadn't seen any of his films." But MCDowell quickly got over his first impressions and now insists Zombie is a good friend - and a great filmmaker. He adds, "This movie was one of the most likable experiences I remember for years and years. He's a terrific guy. The gag reel on this one will be something to behold. "Rob's got great energy and his films move and they're pretty uncompromising. It's bizarre because he's such a gentle soul. He's the most charming guy, totally the opposite of what he looks like."