98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons has confirmed he and his bandmates were seriously considering a 2012 reunion tour.
Frontman Nick Lachey recently shot down rumours of summer dates, but his sidekick has revealed there was a get together planned and dates were being booked.
Timmons tells Celebuzz.com, "We had gotten serious about it, so much so that a tour was being put together for us - a 15-city tour.
"We got on the phone, all of the guys discussed it, and it seemed like a go. And then not everybody wanted to do it, for various reasons... (Since) not all four of us were on the same page, we decided not to do it.
"I know that it had come out that it was due possibly to Nick having a baby. I'm sure that played a small part into it, but I don't think that was the main reason we didn't get back together. I think that it was a number of things."
And now Timmons fears the quartet has missed its chance for a reunion: "I honestly don't think it's gonna happen at all now. If it wasn't gonna happen now, it wasn't gonna happen last year... maybe it'll never happen.
"Some of us want to do music (together), and some of us don't. We all gotta want to do it; we can't be forced into that... I would love the opportunity, but right now it doesn't seem like it's gonna go down."