Portly rapper 8Ball is on a mission to shed the pounds - he's embraced a healthy new lifestyle because he wants to set a good example for his children.
The Tennessee hip-hop star, one part of duo 8Ball MJG, is famed for his big frame, and used to be called "the fat mack" in his youth.
But the star is ready to embrace healthy living as he prepares to release his latest album Ten Toes Down - because he's "getting older every day".
He tells AllHipHop.com, "I been doing a change in the way I eat, I got youngin's (children). I'm getting older every day, so I just changed the way I eat man. Lost a little bit (of weight) already.
"(I made) little minor changes. I ain't trying to get heroin chic (thin), but I want to be healthy.
"Walking, walking dogs, tread mills. I do yoga if you believe that. It helps me. We be doing a lot of stuff to give you more energy."