50 Cent's manager SHA MONEY XL has doubts about his business partner's ability to balance his solo career with his responsibilities as record label boss, because the rapper will always put himself first. Sha Money - real name Michael Clervoix III - was appointed as president of the Candy Shop star's G-Unit Records when the pair founded it 2003, but Clervoix is worried other stars on the label's roster are not getting the attention they deserve because of 50 Cent's own high profile. He says, "I love working with him as an artist. But artists aren't the best bosses. They don't realize when their project is conflicting with the artists that are signed to them. Their emotions won't always carry out executive decisions because they're thinking, 'I'm an artist, so just f**k it.' "50 doesn't see those corporate components because he is an artist and his heart doesn't reach out to other artists. For example, 50 will say to (Interscope president) Jimmy Iovine, 'Listen motherf**ker, clear your roster and get your staff focused on me.' But no artist can say that to 50 (as boss of G-Unit Records)."