50 Cent has namechecked Paul McCartney in a new rap song after meeting the former beatle on a plane flight.
The rapper insists MCCartney didn't know who he was when he asked the Brit for an autograph - but the fact he agreed to sign for him was enough to land the Yesterday singer a place in 50's Do You Think About Me?
Unfortunately, it's a lyric MCCartney won't be pleased to hear.
50 Cent rhymes, "It's like Paul MCCartney stuck in my head/fell in love with a bitch walked away with one leg/she ain't even have to run to get away with the bread/that's some f**ked up shit/think about that kid."
The rhyme references MCCartney's divorce from amputee Heather Mills.
50 says, "That's interesting. You figure if you're gonna marry a woman with one leg, she's gonna stay!"