Rapper LIL' WAYNE has confirmed he won't be touring with 50 Cent on his current tour his G-UNIT band - insisting he hopes to take to the stage with R+B singer Keyshia Cole.
Lil' Wayne - real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. - was rumoured to be in talks with the In Da Club hitmaker about a possible support slot on their world tour.
But Carter insists it isn't going to happen and he is now looking to tour with Cole instead.
He tells MTV.com, "That one (touring with G-Unit), I don't think is gonna work no more. It was something that ain't went right. I think I might go out with Keyshia Cole.
"You're bringing two different types of people in there. You got people coming to soothe their souls with Keyshia, and you got people who wanna throw their hands up with me. It's like listening to the radio. When you listen to the radio, and your top-five or top-eight songs come on, it's hip-hop, it's R+B. ... I think you gonna get that from me and Keyshia and whatever in between that."
And Cole has also expressed interest in touring with Carter, saying, "I'mma (sic) kidnap him and take him on tour with me.
"I think it's a little harder to get him on the stage than it is to get me. We gotta make sure we get together on that."