50 Cent's new album cover shows off his "imperfections".

The rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - says he wanted an "intimate" picture for the artwork for 'Before I Self Destruct', which features a close-up of the 'Candy Shop' star's face with his skin burning off and a fiery skull underneath.

He told MTV: "The album cover, I sat there and thought about it. I wanted to do something that was completely different than I've ever done. The 'Curtis' album, I was pretty close in the camera when I done it. I felt it was intimate. This project is even more intimate, but it's harder. I didn't sugarcoat things. My imperfections are visible on there. I'm in a secure enough space.

"There's a huge gape in hip-hop. There ain't no middle ground. You're either here or you're there. To create the middle ground, the guys that have been up here gotta come down and bring everybody to the forefront where they seen. That's what this is actually about."