US rapper 50 Cent has said that he almost linked up with Robbie Williams on his new album.

The man known to his legion of fans as Fiddy told Loaded magazine that he wants to get together with the former Take That member for a musical partnership.

"I'd love to work with… Robbie Williams. I've spoken to him, he was meant to do it for my new album but we were both too busy," 50 Cent said.

He added that he has also "laid down a track" with Eminem for the Detroit rapper's new record, but that he was often too busy to work with either him or Dr Dre – both of whom have linked up with him in the past.

"I don't see Eminem or Dr Dre much these days, which is a shame," he said. "We're all so busy."

50 Cent, whose new album Curtis was released in the UK this week, also told the magazine that he now has a "fair few celebrity friends" who he hangs out with.

He said he'd been to the firing range with Robert De Niro, who he is filming with for the upcoming film Righteous Killers, which also stars Al Pacino.

"I love those guys in Heat, especially the scene in the diner," he said, referring to the scene in the film where the two legendary actors appear on screen together for the first time.

Robbie Williams released the critically-panned Rudebox last year and has been keeping a low profile in the US since, having turned down the opportunity to link up with his former Take That colleagues for a reunion tour and album.

11/09/2007 13:46:50