50 Cent has praised his rap rival Kanye West for deciding to continue his European tour following the sudden death of his mother last week.

West's mother Donda died after possible complications following cosmetic surgery, but the Stronger rapper has opted to honour his tour schedule, a decision the G-Unit star thinks could be in West's best interests.

The two hip-hop heavyweights had a heavily-publicised chart battle in September, with West's Graduation comfortably outselling 50 Cent's Curtis after they were released on the same day.

But 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, has offered his support to West, saying his mother's death is "really an unfortunate situation".

"I hope he can work his way through it. It's good to see him actually touring," he added in an interview with the Associated Press. "You can work your way back into a comfortable space where you can deal with those situations."

50 Cent explained his G Unit member Lloyd Banks had lost his father during a world tour, which allows him to appreciate the strain West is under.

He said: "I was telling him [Banks]: 'You need to go back and do what you need to do.' And he thought maybe I was a little insensitive.

"But I can definitely understand how that's a huge loss, and how that would be, and then [Kanye's] relationship with his mum had a lot more depth to it than a lot of people's. He was real close to his mum."

West broke down on stage during a show in Paris on Monday, after dedicating his song Hey Mama to his late mother and struggled to complete the track at his concert at London's O2 Arena last night.

23/11/2007 15:51:51