50 Cent wasn't the only rapper whose album was delayed by Eminem's RELAPSE record - the pair's mentor Dr. Dre also had to postpone work on his comeback CD to dedicate time to the SLIM SHADY superstar.
The In Da Club hitmaker was forced to push back the release of his upcoming album, Before I Self Destruct, because Dr. Dre was too busy producing Eminem's latest tracks.
And Eminem admits working on his own comeback - his first new music since 2004's Encore - has further stalled the release of Dre's long-awaited Detox record, which will come a decade after his last solo work.
Eminem tells the BBC, "He's recorded a lot of material.
"He was working on his record for a good time period, I would say probably a year, he was working on his record and he basically put that on hold once we got on the road with my record, which I'm extremely grateful for you know."