Police in Virginia have slammed a local radio station for pranking listeners on April Fools' Day (01Apr10), after DJs falsely announced 50 Cent was filming a video nearby.
Virginia beach radio station Z104 told listeners that the rap superstar was shooting a new promo at the city's Mount Trashmore park.
The news soon hit the internet, with thousands of fans making plans to head to the location to catch a glimpse of the In Da Club hitmaker.
Police quickly became aware they may have a crowd control crisis on their hands - and were fuming when they realised it was a hoax.
Virginia Beach police officer Adam Bernstein says, "It was a joke and we appreciate that. But, as a police department we have to worry about crowd control and traffic, even if it is a hoax you might have thousands of people show up anyway."
The city's official Twitter.com page added, "Hi folks! 50 Cent will NOT be @ Mt. Trashmore this evening. The supposed video shoot was an April Fools Day prank by a local radio station."
50 Cent was actually in Russia on Thursday, preparing to perform two concerts.