50 Cent has refuelled his war of words with rap rival CAM'RON by publicly criticising The Diplomats star for comments he made about protecting serial killers. Cam'ron sparked the feud by poking fun at 50's real name, Curtis, and then bashing his fellow New Yorker for losing his street credibility. But now 50 Cent is firing back with criticism of comments "idiot" Cam'ron made recently on a U.S. TV news special, where he stated he'd never alert police to the whereabouts of a serial killer. The Candy Shop hitmaker rants, "(The) only thing missing from hip-hop is an IQ test. If you're smart, you know that's not the f**kin' place to say that." And 50 isn't buying his rap rival's public apology following his comments on news show 60 Minutes. He adds, "What does that mean? That he will snitch?"