Rapper 50 Cent made pestering fans very happy after throwing $12,000 (GBP6,000) at a group of kids who were disturbing the filming of Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. The In Da Club hitmaker disregarded director Jim Sheridan after he told 50 to ignore the fans so they would go away. He says, "These are kids who can't afford to come to my concerts, so they come to watch you on the set. They were shouting, '50, we love you.' But when I ignored them they turned on me and it was, 'F**k you 50 we f**kin' hate your guts.' "I had a guy go get me $2,000 in singles, and I had money in my pocket. During a break I went and threw them the money and then I realised it was $10,000 had in the other pocket."