50 Cent wishes he'd studied at business school in his youth - because the world of money-making would have readied him for the competitive nature of hip-hop.
The rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - has built a $432 million (£270 million) empire since finding fame, but admits he would seek to develop his business acumen in school rather than dealing drugs on the street if he had a second chance.
He says, "I have people in my neighbourhood where I grew up (that) in order to expand their business they wouldn't rule out killing the competition.
"I now hang out with people in corporate America who absolutely have those intentions for their competitors, but they don't have the physical act of killing them as part of the strategy. Two different routes, but they want the same outcome.
"If I had a choice I would have definitely gone in a different direction - and gone to business school."
But the star insists growing up in the tough area of Queens, New York only served to fuel his desire for success.
He adds, "They have absolutely different codes of conduct but there are parallels to how they would do things. I don't regret slashing a rival's face and other things I've done because they make you who you are. Those were unfortunate situations I experienced in that environment... where you meet aggression with aggression or you are deemed weak and the weak become the prey. When you are willing to go further than the other guy, you always prevail, you always end up on top."