50 Cent's latest track has leaked online.

The rapper's track '(Don't Turn On Me) Warning You', featuring vocals by Skylar Grey, has appeared online, which he claims could ruin the release of his next album, 'Street King Immortal'.

He tweeted: ''Damn I may have lost this ALBUM. SH!t leaking off my old drive. This is crazy. #smsaudio (sic).

''Look it's ever were a joint I did called DON'T TURN ON ME. it out now titled I'm warning you.

''That was a joint I did over a year ago in Detroit with EM. I hope nothing else got out #smsaudio (sic)''

He also confirmed the song was produced by Alex Da Kid and claims the leaked version isn't properly finished.

He wrote: ''Yea Alex da kid did the track it's not even mixed (sic).''

50 appeared to have made a return in January when his track 'My Life' featuring Eminem and Maroon 5's Adam Levine made it to number two in the UK charts. He then released two further tracks 'Major Distribution' in February and 'We Up' in March, but the album is yet to materialise.

50 - real name Curtis Jackson - has been working on 'Street King Immortal' for a long time. After falling out with his record label, Interscope Records, he released a free mixtape called '5 (Murder By Numbers)' containing the tracks originally intended for his fifth album in July 2012 and started again. The rapper's last proper album was 2009's 'Before I Self Destruct'.