Rap superstar 50 Cent will serve as executive producer on a documentary chronicling the life of the late Jam Master Jay.
The In Da Club hitmaker, real name Curtis Jackson, has been recruited by filmmaker and the Run DMC star's cousin, Stephon 'Phonz' Watford to oversee Two Turntables and a Microphone.
He tells MTV.com, "Phonz was working on that project for five years. He came to me, and I shot my (interview) portion that's on the documentary. We met in Atlanta (Georgia) the first time and ended up shooting in Amsterdam (Holland)."
And 50 is excited to be involved in such an iconic and "intense" project, adding, "He was somebody who impacted my career - you can say in the biggest way. 'Cause in my career, I was just in the infant stages, developing my song structure around Jay. The first time I was in the studio, (it was) with intentions of recording songs for an album with Jam Master Jay. He taught me how to count bars. I could rap already. I knew what I wanted to say, but he was showing me how I had to get it out around the right time. (He would say) 'That sounds crazy, you have to say it earlier in this verse'."
But the rapper has his own theories about the murder of Jay, who was gunned down in his Queens, New York studio in 2002 by an unknown assailant.
50 says, "It's not a random act of violence. People just don't walk in your studio, shoot and kill you with several other people around, and no one knows anything. I believe the documentary sheds light on it - a little bit. It creates a clearer picture of what actually happened at that point. People just heard, 'Jam Master Jay got shot.' They don't understand the circumstances. (The film) creates some clarity."