Hip-hop star 50 Cent has attacked rap rival LIL' WAYNE and Interscope Records boss Jimmy Iovine in two new mixtape tracks. The In Da Club rapper debuted Part Time Lover and South Side on U.S. radio shows last week (ends17Aug07). Earlier this month (Aug07), 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, accused Lil' Wayne of copying his mixtape formula and declared even discussing the rapper was not a "legitimate conversation". On Friday (17Aug07), 50 Cent fuelled the feud by playing Part Time Love on New York DJ Kay Slay's show, criticising Lil' Wayne's relationship with his Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan 'Baby' Williams. 50 Cent raps on the track; "You make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne. And make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne. Damn that s**t sounds gay it's insane. I guess that's the price a lil' bitch pay for fame." Last week, 50 Cent also attacked Iovine - the CEO at his record label - on the mixtape track South Side. He raps, "N**gas think Jimmy Iovine my boss? F**k Jimmy Iovine! I'm from 134th Street, I ain't got a motherf**king boss. I be the boss of this s**t right here. I said the boss. You hear me. I'm the George Bush of this s**t."