50 Cent "feels good" that his album has been leaked on the internet.

The 'Candy Shop' rapper has been forced to bring forward the release date of 'Before I Self Destruct' from November 23rd after a version of it became available online, but says he's glad the album was leaked in its entirety.

He said: "I'm pushing the record up; it'll be out on the 16th. I'm expecting it to do good because of the response I've heard on the web. I feel good that it was leaked in its entirety, in sequence. So people can hear my vision."

The record was originally due for release over a year ago, but was held back by a number of internal problems at the rapper's record company, Interscope. The record was originally designed to be released simultaneously with a film of the same name, although the film's release has yet to be confirmed.

50 can meanwhile be seen appearing in British gangster film 'Dead Man Running'.