Hip-hop star 50 Cent sneaked a look through Eminem's computer files in order to draw inspiration for a new song.
The In Da Club hitmaker is set to release his latest album, entitled Before I Self Destruct, later this year (Dec08).
And he has fellow rapper Eminem to thank for one of the tracks, after visiting his rapper friend at home in Detroit - and lifting some music from his PC.
He says, "I did a song produced by Dr. Dre. I got the production from Detroit, because Dre was working with Em right before I got out there. I just missed him. I went through Em's computer and found what I needed. Yes, I did.
"I got me the record I needed. I was like, 'Wait till they hear this'. I wrote it; Em heard it. He was like, 'You gotta keep that for yourself. This is too crazy.' First, I think he was gonna take it from me, then he was like, 'He gotta use that for himself.'"