Rapper 50 Cent hit rock bottom after he was almost killed following a vicious shoot-out - because his record label dropped him following the incident.
The In Da Club hitmaker narrowly escaped death in 2000 after he was shot nine times in his native Queens, New York neighbourhood, just as he was trying to put his drug-pushing past behind him and build a career in the music industry.
The hip-hop star had signed to Columbia Records the year before (99), but label execs felt he was too much of a liability after the shooting and dropped him from their books.
And 50 Cent is adamant the door seemingly closing on his career affected him more than any of the bullets he had taken.
He says, "Being dropped by my record record label hurt more than being shot. I was shot in May 2000 when I was sitting in a car.
"You don't actually feel each bullet hit you. The adrenaline is pumping and you're trying to get out of the way.
"I had just signed to Columbia Records and they dropped me because of the shooting. I could deal with every bullet wound but I couldn't take that."