Rapper 50 Cent has turned photojournalist for a stint as guest editor of urban men's magazine Smooth.
The hitmaker was asked by publisher pal Sandy Vasceannie to take over the new issue of the monthly, and admits the view from the editor-in-chief's chair is "good lookin'" in his guest editor's letter.
And he boasts the cover shot of him taking a candid shot of Rick Ross' model ex-girlfriend Tia, topless, was all his idea.
He writes, "Along with me being the first male ever featured on a Smooth cover, I had to give my girl Tia some shine."
50 ends his opening letter with the proud boast: "A Smooth and 50 Cent collabo - now that's gangster!"
Inside the new issue, the rap star is interviewed and features in Tia's sexy nine-page photospread and expose.