50 Cent will not be called upon to testify as a character witness in basketball star Allen Iverson's upcoming assault case, because the rapper lives too far away. The Denver Nuggets baller has been hit with charges including assault and conspiracy in relation to a bar fight involving the star and his security in Washington in 2005. Two unnamed men are suing Iverson as a result of the altercation, where he is accused of hitting one of them with a bottle. Although 50 Cent was not involved in the incident or named in the lawsuit, he is said to know members of Iverson's security, and attorneys for the two plaintiffs have appealed to the rapper to give evidence regarding the defendants' usual behaviour. But a federal judge has this week (ends15Jun07) excused the In Da Club hitmaker from court duties, because as he lives more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) away from the courthouse in Connecticut and is not directly involved in the case, she has no authority to order his appearance in a Washington state court, reports AllHipHop.com. Iverson's trial is set to begin on 27 June (07).