50 Cent has provided meals to Hurricane Sandy victims.

The rapper used the proceeds of sales from his SK Energy Drink and SMS Headphones to team up with Feeding America, the Food Network and SMS Audio on Wednesday (21.11.12) to give meals to people affected by the devastating superstorm and other hungry New Yorkers at the 'Our Table Is Yours' event at New York restaurant Cipriani.

He told MTV News: ''I'm able to provide meals for victims of Sandy or other people in New York City that don't actually have food.

''[Hunger,] it's a world issue, it's not a third-world issue. One in six Americans are actually going hungry. You got kids that are surviving based on their school lunch and more than one out of five kids are experiencing hunger.''

He later tweeted: ''Yea 1,000 meals cool right (sic)''

Meanwhile, the 'Candy Shop' star - whose real name is Curtis Jackson - will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday today (22.11.12) with his family, and while he is looking forward to tucking into a traditional dinner, he will be upset if his grandmother has let anyone else share in cooking duties.

He said: ''I don't cook. I'll go to my grandmother's house; it's always safe there to eat. You know the food is always decent.

''Sometimes she'll allow my aunts and uncles to bring food there and I can tell when she didn't do it. It doesn't taste the same.''