LATEST: 50 Cent has laughed off Young Buck's latest rap attack in the pair's ongoing war of words, insisting the rapper's drug habit is preventing him from writing a powerful lyrical blow.
The feud began in early April (08) when 50 Cent fired Young Buck from the G-Unit crew, after he claimed he had yet to receive any royalty payments since signing with 50's G-Unit Records.
Earlier this week (21Apr08) Young Buck - real name David Darnell Brown - released the song My Interview, in which he responded to the rumours about his shock departure from G-Unit: "I hear the same things that you heard/That 50 kicked him out or Buck sniffs coke and he flips out/It's too late, the whole world know what I be about/S**t, I do make mistakes like any other man/S**t, I recoup off an album, quicker than you can."
But the G-Unit frontman has mocked the effort, claiming Buck only rapped about his supposed drug use to win fans' approval.
50 tells, "I knew he was gonna do that. Well, Buck, he doesn't think very clear. He has things to help him not think clear - not using a sober mind when you're doing things. I knew he would do that first, because he felt if he mentioned the things that people said he did in a song, it would defuse (perceptions of him).
"He said, 'Yeah, I sip syrup (potentially lethal mix of cough medicine and juice). Yeah, I did this. I did things wrong.' If you say it in the music, (the fans) can accept it, because they had stars prior to this use drugs. They don't have a problem with Amy Winehouse. There is (sic) a lot of other rock stars who use drugs and s**t like that. I don't see how they would feel that that's unacceptable. Some of their favourite rappers are sipping syrup."
However, 50 insists he isn't one for drug use: "Me, personally, I don't do it. I'm getting high off the situation of accomplishing my goal."