Rapper 50 Cent has hit out at Interscope Records' bosses for leaking the video for his new Robin Thicke collaboration online, insisting their actions have jeopardised his chances of turning the song into a hit single. The song, Follow My Lead, and its accompanying video, which features movie star Dustin Hoffman, made its debut on select websites on Thursday night (09Aug07) - months before the Candy Shop star had planned to release the track. And 50 - real name Curtis Jackson - is convinced managers at his label Interscope are responsible for the leak, because they also previewed his Justin Timberlake-featured track Ayo Technology last month (Jul07) against his wishes. He tells MTV.com, "I woke up, I'm having a regular day, I'm actually going to work. Everything is going good. I'm taking meetings, doing different things that I had planned on the schedule. And I get a phone call and someone is telling me they seen the Robin Thicke video! It was a friend of mine, but he's from a different state. "Then I start to get the phone calls, 'cause across the country the mixshow DJs start getting it. This record isn't even supposed to be out! "When is a video leaked? Like, I never even heard of that before! I've heard of a song leaking out - and then you can send cease-and-desist letters to the radio stations and try to calm it down, 'cause Ayo Technology leaked out. "It makes me feel like Interscope is just all over the place. What bothers me is nothing is going according to the actual plan."