In wonderful news, 50 Cent - who early last year was estimated to have a net worth of a mere $100 million - will be able to loosen his pockets just a little after he revealed on Twitter that he'd won $500,000 by betting on the New York Giants, deliriously posing with his acquired cash to back up the evidence that there'll be no supermarket own-brand ketchup for him anymore.
Bleacher reports that Fiddy - real name Curtis Jackson - had bet on the Giants in their game at the weekend against the San Francisco 49ers, a decision that paid off as the New York-based team triumphed 20-17 in overtime. Great times! An understandably delighted Jackson took to Twitter just after the match to boast of his bet and, after celebrating the victory in a number of Tweets posted a picture of himself surrounded by money before following that with another that said "Yo don't give that punk no attention. if I get shot ill only get up again.just watched a 500,000 dollar foot ball game get on my level.Chump."
Continuing his online celebrations - surely the first thing you'd do with those winnings would be to get out the house and live it up - Jackson praised, naturally, the voices in his head for telling him to go ahead with the bet. "Some times I hear voices in my head they tell me thing. Like bet on the Giants so I listen now look," he bragged, showing himself resting to wads of cash either side of his head. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving bloke.