50 Cent has posted a picture of himself on Twitter with wads of dollar notes resting on each shoulder. Grandiose displays of wealth from big name rappers are nothing new but this time, Curtis Jackson went on to explain that the money had come to him as the result of a bet. He explained "Some times I hear voices in my head they tell me thing. Like bet on Giants so I listen." 50 Cent had placed a large sum of money on the New York Giants making the Super Bowl this year. Luckily for him, they won the game, beating the 49ers 20-17 and securing themselves a spot at the biggest show on earth, where they will face the Patriots.
50 Cent won't be splashing his cash on champagne and bling, though. Somewhat uncharacteristically, he says he will be giving his money to his grandma: "I'm giving this money to my nana she gonna faint ... all she do is go to the church." He showed slightly less humility when he realized that his bet had been a successful one, though, posting a message that read: "Get The F*Ck Out Of Here oh I'm not gonna tell you how much I just won. Lord I'm God's favorite lol." It wasn't long before he revealed how much he had won, though.
The Super Bowl is held on 5th March 2012, with Kelly Clarkson set to sing the national anthem before the game starts. No doubt viewers will be hoping that she lives up to her previous performances and doesn't fall flat, like Steven Tyler's questionable rendition at the Patriots game last weekend.