Rapper 50 Cent has hit out at critics of hip-hop legend SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER's new album - insisting it is every bit as good as his previous efforts. Jay-Z's comeback LP KINGDOM COME has been unfavourably compared to his former successes. But 50 Cent says negative criticism was inevitable, telling MTV, "In Jay-Z's case, he just ran into Jay-Z. The critics are comparing him to the old Jay-Z saying, 'His stuff wasn't as good as the older stuff, he looks too relaxed.' "I saw (someone say) on a TV show recently, 'He looks like he belongs in the office.' They say all kinda things about him. "This is them weighing what his new work is to his old work. The Jay-Z record is a great record, the critics are gonna dawg it. They are just gonna say, 'He is not as good as he was'."