An alleged associate of 50 Cent has been arrested on weapons charges after he was mugged for a $100,000 (GBP50,000) diamond chain on Friday (03Aug07). Dwayne MCKenzie, 26, claims he is an employee of the G-Unit rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - and lives at 50's Farmington, Hartford, mansion in Connecticut. He was taken into police custody for firing a .40 calibre handgun into a group of people after an argument with 25-year-old Adolfo Yepez, who MCKenzie claims stole his chain allegedly given to him by the In Da Club hitmaker. Yepez, who was also arrested after running into local authorities, told cops MCKenzie had threatened him with a gun before shooting it into the air. Police said no one was injured in the incident, but witnesses have come forward to identify MCKenzie as the gunman. He was charged with one count of unlawful discharge of a firearm and reckless endangerment in the first degree. Yepez faces charges of third degree robbery after police found the chain on his person. Police spokeswoman Nancy Mulroy says, "We are not going to tolerate people, whoever they are, firing any kind of fire arm randomly out in the city of Hartford. It was fortunate no one was injured." Both men have been released on bond but are due in court to face their charges on 14 August (07).