LATEST: Rapper 50 Cent insists his arrest in New York City on suspicion of traffic violations on Friday (08SEPT06) was the result of a "misunderstanding" over a licence plate. The IN DA CLUB star, real name CURTIS JACKSON, was hauled off in handcuffs in front of furious fans who booed the police after they allegedly pulled him over for driving erratically. Police claim they stopped Jackson after he made an illegal lane change, but witnesses report he was already parked by the side of the road, talking on his phone and signing autographs for excited fans when cops caught up with him. Witness LARRY JOHNSON tells the New York Post, "He got off the phone when people started surrounding him and he waved to the crowd and said, 'Hey, what's up people?'" Seconds later a black unmarked police car came from behind him and cops began surrounding him. An officer at the scene tells the newspaper Jackson "was being an a**hole, speeding or some s**t. They stopped him and he wouldn't give up his licence. "He kept saying, 'You know who I am. I know you know who I am.' So they had to lock him up." Authorities detained the rapper for an hour before releasing him with four summonses - for driving with an expired licence, lack of insurance and registration, and making an unsafe lane change. The rapper's manager CHRIS LIGHTY says, "He's fine. Everything's fine. It was a misunderstanding over a licence plate. It was no big deal."

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