50 Cent claims he was discriminated against by a judge.

The 'Candy Shop' hitmaker, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has filed legal documents appealing a decision made by a judge in Los Angeles earlier this year that saw him lose his lawsuit against Sleek Audio.

The rapper sued the company, claiming it owed him $261,000, but lost the case when it went to arbitration and 50 Cent claims the judge sided with the company because he is allegedly a ''rap-hating racist'', according to gossip website TMZ.com.

It is not known how much he was ordered to pay Sleek Audio but he is now taking the battle to federal court, claiming he was discriminated against because he is black, a high profile rap artist and associates with controversial people.

He has filed legal documents, claiming he wasn't allow to cross-examine witnesses in the case and the judge refused to look at evidence pertaining to it.

50 Cent wants the original judgement to be thrown out and a new hearing to take place so he can prove that he is right.

But Sleek Audio has fired back, claiming the rapper's allegations of racism are a desperate attempt to avoid paying the money.

Meanwhile, the 'In Da Club' hitmaker is set to appear in court on September 4 relating to a separate case, as he recently pleaded not guilty to domestic abuse charges after being accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend.