Fire safety experts have accused 5 Seconds of Summer star Calum Hood of setting a "poor example" for the band's young fans and putting himself in danger by smoking a cigarette at a petrol station.

Hood, who turned 19 on Sunday (25Jan15), was pictured puffing away in front of a pump at a service stop in Sydney, Australia over the weekend (24-25Jan15).

The pictures have sparked outrage among fire safety experts, who insist the musician put himself and others at unnecessary risk by lighting up.

A spokesperson for London Fire Brigade tells Wenn, "Smoking a cigarette at a petrol station is incredibly dangerous and it could take a lot less than five seconds to engulf yourself and others in flames. Ten fires a week are caused by smoking and we hope that no impressionable young people follow Calum's poor example."

A representative of fire safety provider, a partner of the official U.K. emergency services' Fire Service Resources website, adds, "Smoking near petrol pumps is dangerous, as petrol fumes from your tank or from the filling process could ignite. Dropping ashes or sparks could also start a fire, as petrol might have been spilled on the floor."