Rockers 30 Seconds to Mars are adamant they currently have no plans to go their separate ways following rumours of an impending split.
Frontman Jared Leto sparked speculation about a possible break-up last year (11) by revealing he was unsure about the band's future following the conclusion of their world tour, which wrapped in New York in December (11).
He told Kerrang!, "A lot of artists peak or get burned out... It took two years to make (the band's last album) This Is War. Touring it has been another two years. Do I have that in me again? I don't know."
However, in a new interview with the magazine, Leto's drummer brother Shannon dismisses rumours of a split, saying, "We've never said this is the end."
Jared adds, "But I think there has been a question mark there for all of us. In part because people started to ask us so much about the future and our reaction is, 'Well, let's talk about the here and now'. Which is important to us.
"We don't know what the future has to hold, but we know we're excited about it and this tour has been the gift of a lifetime...
"Over two years we've been pursuing this quest, travelling every continent besides one, playing over 300 shows, winning and losing and fighting and being at peace. (We fought) a $30 million lawsuit with our record company, financing an album ourselves called This Is War and here we are on the other side."