'Men in Black' ousted 'The Avengers' from the top of the US Box Office this past weekend, opening to $54.6 million and proving that - after 10 years away - the sci-fi series can still drag in cinemagoers.

The third instalment took slightly more than Men In Black ($51.1 million in 1997) and Men in Black 2 ($52.1 million in 2002), however, as Entertainment Weekly report, those figures do not take into account ticket price inflation. If those prices were adjusted to include inflation, the first movie would have opened to around $88.2 million, with the sequel taking $71.2 million. 'Men in Black 3' was also the only movie in the franchise to profit from the 3-D surcharge, which means the weekend's gross was something of a disappointment - but is Will Smith to blame? Well, it seems not. Market research firm CinemaScore report that 50 per cent of moviegoers decided to see 'Men in Black 3' because of Will Smith, though the movie simply didn't command the same numbers as Smith's previous efforts, like Hancock ($62.6 million) and 'I Am Legend' ($77.2 million).

If Will's three year absence from movie screen is to blame, then the actor is certainly aiming to put that right. He is currently working on numerous movies - including iRobot 2, Bad Boys 3 and Hancock 2 - though will first star in M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN's 'After Earth', with his son JADEN SMITH.