The actor portraying heavyweight rap icon NOTORIOUS B.I.G. in an upcoming biopic flew into a rage when the hip-hop star's former wife was barred from his trailer during a set visit.
Jamal 'Gravy' Woolard chastised an assistant after he heard Faith Evans had paid a visit to the movie set with her son - and hadn't been allowed to see the man playing her ex.
Evans says, "When Gravy found out, he let that guy have it: 'Do you know who she is? Y'all better learn to respect. If it wasn't for her you wouldn't even be here.'"
Evans admits the set visit was tough for her - because she found it weird watching someone who had the look and mannerisms of the rap star she loved: "He (Woolard) spooked me out every time I saw him in costume.
"One day I was walking down the street... and I was walking back to the trailer and somebody just called me across the street: 'Faith, Faith.' And I look and there he was standing there looking like Big.
"He (even) had some prosthetic in his mouth to speak with a certain lisp."
Notorious B.I.G. was shot dead in Los Angeles in 1997, aged 24. His murder remains unsolved to this day.